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FONTS - Fonts MUST be embedded or outlined.
PDF and EPS files that are not set up for this format will have problems
with fonts being substituted. Do not send fonts with the files.

COLORS - Use spot colors only.
A two color card should be separated into 2 colors (not 4).
Include color specifications when placing orders.
(i.e. Logo Red, body text Black)

TIF - Scanner settings for your .tif files should be Black/White Line art
(do not use color setting) 300-600 dpi or higher. Save in Bitmap Mode and
as a .tif. Do not send color scans. JPG, BMP & GIF formats are very low
resolution and will not be accepted. Screens and photos can be scanned in
grayscale, but text in grayscale will print screened and jagged. Avoid using
grayscale logos in your native files. When using a grayscale .tif file within a
.pdf or .eps, problems may occur in printing. To avoid delays, send along a
copy of the grayscale .tif file that was used. Problems commonly occur with
logos saved in the grayscale mode, imported into a native file and then
screened back from 100%.

  ILLUSTRATOR 8 - 10.0 - EPS
Open your file. Select File - Save As. Change Save As type to Illustrator .EPS.
Name the file and direct to a location or folder of choice. Select Save.
Save the following options in the EPS Format Options box: 10-7
Compatibility; 8 Bit Mac Preview; Check Include Linked Files; Check Include
Document Thumbnails; Check Include Document Fonts. Select OK. Your
Illustrator file has been saved as an .eps including fonts and graphics and is
ready to send.

PHOTOSHOP 4.0 - 7.0 - Creating graphics:
Photoshop Graphics should be created in Bitmap mode with a minimum
resolution of 300-600 pixels/inch and saved in .tif format.

Scanning graphics: Scan graphics in Black & White mode with a minimum
dpi of 300-600 and save in .tif format with LZW Compression.

Frequently Asked Questions Artwork Complete Electronic File In Acceptable Format

Q: How should I name my files?
A: When saving your files, refrain from using names such as: business card.tif, black.pdf, card.eps, etc. Use the mainline of your order for your file name.
• Example: Bill's Auto Repair.pdf, Ron's Landscaping.eps

Q: How should I submit my files when ordering?
A: Always submit your files as single pages using the actual page dimensions.

Q: How should I setup my document?
A: Setup your document page size to reflect the type of job you are sending. (i.e. Business Card: 3.5 x 2, Letterhead: 8.5 x 11)
• Multiple up formatting is also an option.

Q: What is multiple up formatting?
A: Multiple up names can be set up consecutively;
• (i.e. Business Cards 3.5 x 2 each of 2 names = 3.5 x 4).
• (i.e. Letterhead 8.5 x 11 each of 2 = 11 x 17).

Q: How do I set multiles up?
A: You can set a format 10-up 3.5 x 2 business card on a 8.5 x 11.
• Example: 10-up Business Card
• You can position Cards in 5 rows vertically and 2 across horizontally on 8.5 x 11. With no space between cards for orders without bleeds.
• Orders that have bleeds require 1/16"-1/8" gutters between cards vertically and horizontally.

• Add crop marks or a boarder around your artwork showing the edges of the copy to the edges of the paper or material being printed to ensure accurate copy placement.

Q: What is bleed?
A: A bleed is artwork or copy that is extended off the edges of the paper or material being printed.

Q: How much Bleed do I need?
A: We require all files be sent with 1/16"-1/8" variance on all 4 sides to allow for cutting.

Q: What does too close to register/trim mean?
A: When non bleeding information is near or on the trim line. We ask for a 1/16"-1/8" margin for all non bleeding information.

Q: What values should I use for Rich Black?
A: We recommend 40% Cyan, 40% Magenta, 30% Yellow and 100% Black.
• Please keep total ink coverage at 300% or less.

Q: What is Rich Black Text?
A: Rich black text is 4 Color type. Text may appear fuzzy. For best results, set your black text to 100% Black.

• FONTS - Fonts MUST be embedded or outlined. PDF and EPS files that are not set up for this format will have problems with fonts being substituted.
• Do not send fonts with the files.

Q: How do I create outlines in Illustrator?
A: This option is under the Type menu called Create Outlines (Mac: Command + Shift + O) (Windows: Control + Shift + O).

Q: Why are my drop shadows low resolution in Illustrator?
A: The default setting is 72ppi. To change this go to the menu option Effect, then select Document Raster Effects Settings and change to High (300 ppi).

Q: How do I fix Transparency issues?
A: The simplest way in most programs is to raster together all images and artwork using transparencies into one layer, keeping your type on top in a separate layer.

Q: What does low res mean?
A: Low resolution is typically 240 dpi or lower. We recommend 300 dpi at 100% of picture placement.

Q: What resolution should my file be?
A: We ask that all images and artwork be no less than 300 dpi.

Q: Can you create outlines in Photoshop?
A: Yes, the option is called Convert to Shape. This option is under the Layer menu, Type, option Convert to Shape.

Q: How do I convert my artwork to CMYK in Photoshop?
A: This option is under Image menu, Mode, option CMYK Color.

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